25-27 April 2016
Europe/Berlin timezone

The search for neutrinoless double beta decay has the potential to discover lepton number violation and to determine the nature of neutrinos. Correspondingly, large, ton-scale next-generation experiments have been identified as a high priority by the nuclear and particle physics communities. The isotope 76Ge has historically been an important isotope in terms of excellent sensitivity, resolution, and background. The ongoing 76Ge-based experiments GERDA Phase II and the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR aim to achieve the lowest background to date of experiments currently operating or under construction.

Members of MAJORANA and GERDA would like to move forward with planning for a new, next-generation double-beta decay experiment based on 76Ge-enriched high purity germanium detectors. We intend to combine the best technologies from our two efforts along with additional R&D studies to optimize the design. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss this future new project.

The meeting will be held in Munich, Germany. At IBZ (close to Odeons Platz):


Below is a list with links of hotels which are well connected to the venue. People should book directly. We have not blocked rooms.

A modest registration fee will be collected to cover coffee breaks, etc., and will be collected in cash at the start of the meeting. There will also be a meeting dinner on Tuesday evening for attendees and their guests.

Starts 25 Apr 2016 08:00
Ends 27 Apr 2016 18:30